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AES monitors reporting on U.S. banking and securities regulatory reform and brings them to the attention of its supporters.  AES also monitors reports in the U.S. and international press on the global economy and financial developments that affect people's savings and future.

April 18, 2010The New York Times
April 18, 2010The New York Times
April 18, 2010 The New York Times
April 01, 2010Reuters
March 31, 2010The Slate
March 24, 2010New York Post
March 24, 2010Bloomberg
March 24, 2010The New York Times
March 11, 2010The New York Times
March 09, 2010Bloomberg
March 08, 2010Barron's
February 20, 2010The Wall Street Journal
February 16, 2010Dow Jones
February 02, 2010U.S. Senate
February 01, 2010U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
January 27, 2010 The New York Times
January 22, 2010The Wall Street Journal
January 21, 2010Reuters
January 20, 2010The New York Times
January 12, 2010The New York Times
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