The Alliance for Economic Stability Announces the Appointment of David Fisher to Its Board of Directors

New York -- The Alliance for Economic Stability, Inc. (AES) www.eally.org, an organization dedicated to advancing decision making ethics in financial regulation for the benefit of all Americans, today announced the appointment of Mr. David Fisher to the AES Board of Directors. Mr. Fisher is an acclaimed author of more than 50 books, including 17 New York Times bestsellers, and will bring to the AES a progressive perspective, ensuring that the AES continues to cultivate bipartisan solutions to issues that impact America’s economic stability.


Mr. Fisher’s most recent bestseller is No One Would Listen, a collaboration with Harry Markopolos, the Madoff whistleblower who attempted to alert the SEC to the massive Ponzi scheme. Other bestsellers by Mr. Fisher tell real-life stories spanning crime, entertainment, and sports. Last year, Mr. Fisher collaborated with Bill Roedy the Chairman and Chief Executive of MTV Networks Global on the acclaimed What Makes Business Rock, Building the World’s Largest Global Network. In 2009, Mr. Fisher collaborated with Detective Tommy Dades and Brooklyn Assistant D.A. Michael Vecchione in telling the true story of two New York City detectives convicted for moonlighting as Mafia killers in Friends of the Family, The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case. Also in 2009, Fisher published The Accountant’s Story, a collaboration with Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto, one of the leaders of the infamous Medellin drug cartel. Mr. Fisher has also published biographical collaborations with William Shatner, Ed McMahon, George Burns, and Eddie Fisher. In addition, Mr. Fisher has written for newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times Op-Ed page.


Mr. Fisher became familiar with the AES through collaboration with Manuel P. Asensio, AES co-founder and policy advisor on a book based on his experiences. Mr. Fisher came to share the view of the AES that lack of accountability has been a central factor in our nation’s continuing economic and fiscal crisis. While Mr. Fisher approaches these issues with progressive, left-leaning perspective, yet he shares the view that too much power has been concentrated in the hands of too few government officials.


Mr. Asensio previously authored the book Sold Short: Uncovering Deception in the Markets on his experiences exposing fraud in the securities markets as a short-seller. Working on the collaboration Mr. Fisher developed a view that conflicts-of-interest on the part of those who have a duty to protect all Americans is an issue of real importance.


The AES Board of Directors looks forward to Mr. Fisher bringing a fresh perspective to bear on the pressing issues confronting American economic stability, and working on advancing bipartisan solutions.


About the Alliance for Economic Stability:


The Alliance for Economic Stability is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to advocating policies that safeguard Americans’ savings and promote a sound and efficient economic system. The AES has highly Specialized Expertise and Intelligence in the fields of administrative law, the psychology of decision making and the Federal rulemaking processes and judicial reviews of U.S. agency decisions. A cornerstone of the AES’ work to date has been confronting instances of waste, fraud, and abuse of discretion at the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


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